3 Reasons Why You Should Teach Islamic Studies to Your Kids at Early Age

3 Reasons Why You Should Teach Islamic Studies to Your Kids at Early Age

If you are a Muslim parent of 4-5 years old, you must want to raise your kids based on Islamic perspectives and guidelines. You want them to be a good person inside out, and in still the best guidance regarding Allah, His beloved Prophet Muhammad and Deen-e- Islam.

But the fact is, if you are living in a non-Muslim country, things are very hard for you. how? Because you cannot find a reliable mosque near your home and you don’t want your kids to go alone to a mosque that is situated miles away. After all, you have to protect them as well. Therefore, you must go for online Islamic courses where your kids can learn everything about Islam, Allah’s book, and all the ethics. 

Unfortunately, this is also not that easy because there are a few online Islamic studies classes that are reliable and work with full dedication. Luckily, platforms like QulQuran that offer a variety of Islamic courses now exist and invite you to register yourself and allow your kids to learn Islamic studies and Quran.

So, you don’t have to worry about teaching kids’ Islamic studies at an early age. The real question is, why should you even teach Islamic studies lessons in the beginning years? Do they learn and understand the lessons easily?

Let’s find out in this article and learn why should you enroll your kids in Islamic studies courses at an early age.

  • Islamic Studies Instill Moral and Values at Young Age

If your kid is only 4-5 years old, it is the best time to start teaching them about ethics, morals, and Islamic values. For all Muslims, the ultimate guidance is the Holy Quran. This is Allah’s book and your kids can learn everything in this book in a more efficient manner. 

We all know that modern culture is highly focused on accumulating wealth and seeking all worldly pleasures instead of following Allah’s will. But Muslims should learn that living life from an Islamic perspective should always come above anything else. Wealth and worldly pleasures are temporary, but Allah’s book and Islam will stay always and forever. 

Moreover, the values of the world are always changing. People make new laws and rules get changed, but Allah’s book and guidance will never change. Socially acceptable things might be disrespectful in Quran. Those constant shifts in society are extremely confusing to children growing up in such a temporary world.

Islamic studies lessons can shed light on what Islam is all about, why you should learn Quran, and how Allah wants us to spend our lives. Islamic lessons for kids are actually the sunshine that enlightens their brains and allows them to think logically and clearly. In the future, when their life will start to feel rocky, the teachings of the Quran will serve as a foundation to weather that storm.

When your children learn Islamic lessons at a young age, they will influence their lives when they get older. When they will become an adult, they will always remember the teachings of Islam and what they learned during their childhood.

Islamic teachings for kids will eventually help them in difficult situations. Your children carry the values and morals they pick from Quran into their adult lives, which shape them into better citizens and people.


  • Online Islamic Classes Develop Critical Thinking and Reading Skills

Today’s literature is quite low-quality which imparts nothing valuable to your kids. In fact, some mainstream channels are imparting wrong behavior and thinking to kids which has a lot of negative effects. Good literature still exists but it is hard for parents to know whether it is beneficial for their kids and how it will help develop their mental health in long term.

That’s why online Islamic classes are best for every kid today.

Your kids can read the best book in the world during these classes which will not only improve their brain health but also have good effects on their reading and writing skills. When you enrol your kids in Islamic Studies courses, you simply allow them to learn Islam in detail. You can help them discover what things are allowed in Islam and what things are prohibited.

Islamic courses will develop their critical thinking and analyzing abilities. These lessons can change their entire view of this world and Islam. The lessons are so impeccable that they will steer their mind in a new and clear direction. 

As a result, your child can spend his life in a better way according to Islamic perspectives. Islamic courses are not only best for kids but equally for females. Yes, females can also enrol themselves in Islamic classes for sisters online for getting detailed knowledge about Islam.


  • Your Kids Retain Information Better than Adults

Studying Quran at an early age can build a better foundation regarding Islam and they can easily grasp new ideas and concepts. 

That’s why Islamic education for kids in the early years is very important as they have the strong ability to retain information even better than adults. 

They can grasp new concepts and study history in a more detailed manner with interest and motivation. When they learn Islamic studies online, they feel more encouraged and disciplined. They can learn a lot of things in a unique way and also implement that in their practical life. therefore, it’s very important to motivate them for online Islamic classes so they can start learning things quickly in their early years.

Ending Thoughts

Islamic knowledge for a kid can changes their entire mind and life. He can start perceiving things in a more positive direction. So, if your kid is 4-5 years old, make sure you enrol him in Quran registration classes for his own betterment. The lessons will open new doors of information for him and he may become a better person in the future as he is growing with the Islamic concepts based on Quran. 

If you are confused what are the best Islamic studies courses or classes online, then you can trust Qulquran services as the platform is designed to offer detailed Quranic information and different courses that can in still in-depth knowledge of Islam. Visit the website today and find out how Islamic studies courses can set a better foundation in your child’s life.

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