Learn How to Perform Daily Masnoon Islamic Activities

Encouraging you to venture deeper into Islam by helping you perform daily 40 masnoon hadees Islamic activities!

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Too Embarrassed to Ask About Masnoon Islamic
Activities from Your Seniors?

If so, you are not alone in this.

Many of us are too embarrassed to ask basic Islamic questions of our seniors, teachers, parents, or siblings. As a result, we couldn’t explore even the basic facts of Islam—which is definitely not acceptable in the religion.

That’s the reason getting basic Islamic knowledge is extremely important for every Muslim. For example, Namaz and masnoon duas are compulsory to learn for every Muslim, but unfortunately, many people aren’t doing them correctly.

If you are one of those, then we have good news for you. Now you can learn all the basic Islamic knowledge and daily masnoon activities that open the doors of Jannah for you. Yes, by implementing them correctly in your life, you are not only making this life better but also paving your way to Jannah.

Get yourself enrolled in our daily masnoon Islamic activities course and learn how we help make things easier and more effective for you.

What You’ll Learn in This Course?


Stories of Prophets and Sahabas


Masnoon Duas

Memorizing Quran

Daily Short Duas and Azkaars

Asma ul Hasna '

And many more

Benefits of Daily Masnoon Activities

Teaches the correct way to offer prayers

Bring you closer to Islam

Learn all the basic things about Islam

Understanding of the Quran and Hadiths

Understand the deeper meaning of life

Teaches basic manners and etiquette

Learn about 5 pillars of Islam

Earn endless

Features of the Course

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24/7 guidance by experts

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Qualified and certified tutors

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No age

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Affordable costs

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Audio/video lessons

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Innovative techniques

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Fast learning

Here’s What Our Students Have to Say!

Amazing team. My 8 years old is learning duas quickly.

female student
I learned 6 Kalmas and masnoon Duas, I had wonderful experience.
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Very professional approach for masnoon Islamic activities.
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Frequent Ask Question

You will learn a lot of things and activities in the course, such as Namaz, Kalmas, Duas, and everything about the five pillars of Islam, and even much more.

No. our courses are designed for every person regardless of age or gender. However, we follow different course materials for the basic and professional levels.

Yes, of course. Whether you want to learn full Namaz in detail, or just want to improve your reading or Quran recitation, we have got you covered. you may also teach quran online and earn money.

Yes, we will. There are 40 Duas in the Quran that starts with “Rabbana” meaning “our Lord”. We make sure that you learn each dua as it ensures forgiveness, wealth, protection, safety, and much more.

Yes. All the tutors are certified, verified, and well-trained so we can address every need and concern.

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