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No matter where you go, the light of the Quran follows you. Enroll in our online Quran memorization classes course and Hifz it with our certified tutors!

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Did You Know That Memorizing the Quran Keeps
You Safe from the Trial of Dajjal?

Memorizing the Quran takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. But its rewards are beautiful. When you memorize the whole Quran, it will keep you safe from the trial of Dajjal on the day of judgment.

Not only that, but “Hafiz-e-Quran” also occupies the greatest position in the eyes of Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

However, Quran memorization also comes with some big challenges because it is a huge responsibility to learn Quran. How? because you have to pronounce and learn it correctly. You are not allowed to make the slightest mistake as it changes the entire meaning and context.

So, if you are dreaming of memorizing Quran but you don’t see anyone around you who is competent and responsible, then QulQuran has got you covered. We have highly certified tutors who can pave the way for your dream, as they have already done for thousands of students.

Give our experts the honor of helping you memorize the Quran so you can obtain the highest rewards in this life and afterward.

What You’ll Learn in the Course?

Here is an outline of things you would learn during the Quran memorization course.

Memorize the whole Quran with Tajweed

Memorize the Quran with different memorization techniques

Understand the meaning of Surahs and verses

The reason for its revelation

Advanced strategies to teach and learn Qur'an

Benefits of Memorizing the Quran

The highest rank in Jannah

The safety of your heart from destruction

Hafiz will always be accompanied by angels

Double rewards for people who try hard

Safety from the trial of Dajjal

The highest honor for Hafiz’s parents

Each letter learned will be rewarded ten times over

Intercession on the Judgment Day

Some Amazing Features You Should Know!

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Well-qualified instructors

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Customized study plans

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Tutors are friendly and engaging. They made Hifz-e-Quran very easy.
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I would like to thank QulQuran for making this a great experience.
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The tutors are so kind and qualified. I really enjoyed the experience.
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After completing the trial, start memorizing Quran and get more details from us.

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The siblings as well as more than one family members may check and opt the following packages given below. The students who are interesting in learn Quran Tafseer or to learn Hadith may also select the package from here in order to get the maximum results.


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Frequent Ask Question

Well, memorizing Quran usually takes 2-3 years. However, it also depends on your cognitive skills, dedication, and focus level.

Our expert tutors create a proper course structure to make the process easy for you. They correct your pronunciation and recitation, set a daily limit to memorizing Quran, emphasize continuous recitation, and help you understand the meaning of all the Surahs and verses.

You would start memorizing from the very beginning, right with the ayah of the first chapter you wish to memorize.

Yes, if you are extremely dedicated to memorizing, you can learn it faster. We help you set a proper memorization schedule, write down your goals, chunk down the course into smaller goals, and focus more on each day.

QulQuran offers incredible benefits to its students. Our tutors are certified, verified, and highly qualified. We have tons of positive reviews, which means people trust our credibility when it comes to Quran memorization. We also have both male and female tutors as per your convenience. You can learn easily from the comfort of your home. Above all, our course structure is more comprehensive and easier than other institutions.

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