What is the Central Teaching of the Holy Quran?

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We all know that Quran is the sacred book of Allah SWT which was revealed in the month of Ramadan over 23 years with clear proofs for those who understand them.

Each ayah, Surah, and Juz has its own significance and story that tell us how to spend life according to Allah’s rules and guidelines and learn Islamic Activities. Those who recite Quran earn plenty of rewards and blessings from Allah. Quran guides us about family traditions, Islamic history, the rights of women in Islam, and much more that we need to implement in our practical life.

But the question that confuses so many people is, what is the central teaching of the Holy Quran? What things we must need to follow to earn Allah’s pleasure? 

That’s the reason, it’s important to learn the Quran from professionals who can guide you about every aspect of Islam. Let’s find out what is the central teaching of the Quran and some important lessons.

Reasons the Quran was Revealed

Reasons the Quran was Revealed

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was chosen by Allah to tell people that there is only one God and he is the last prophet of Allah. He told us how to worship Him, what rules to follow, and how to treat his creation in the universe. If you don’t believe and follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and the Quran, then you are simply not included in the Muslim community.

So, the main purpose of the Quran’s revelation is to guide everyone about Islam and follow the truest and purest religion. Quran tells us how to spend life according to Allah’s will and what things are prohibited for Muslims. The Quran itself has a clear ayah that describes why this Holy book was revealed to Muhammad. 

“This blessed book has been revealed so that people fear the torment given by Allah Almighty through it.”

(Surah al-Anaam)

When you follow the teachings of Islam, you simply learn what rewards are in it for you. It provides advice instructions and guidance about living in the world. It counsels and enlightens Muslims about every thick and thin. If you don’t bother to read and learn the Quran, you are simply denying the message of Allah. And surely, there is a great punishment for it on the day of judgment.

So, what is the Central Teaching of the Holy Quran?


If you are a Muslim, you must have to believe the central teaching of the Quran, which says there’s no God but Allah SWT (Tawhid) and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is his last prophet and no there will be no prophet after him. This is the basic concept that makes you a Muslim. If you deny that, you will not be a part of the Muslim community. So, the more you learn to read the Quran the more you will get to the bottom of each concept.

You need to believe in the oneness of God (Tawhid), in the sense that He is the only one and there is no other creation that deserves worshipping. According to the Shahadah statement: “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad PBUH is His prophet.” 

You have to believe that Islam is the only religion for the welfare of this whole universe. And Allah is the only one who we worship and follow.

When you learn Quran online, you will get to uncover different deep aspects of Islam and its history. You will learn what sacrifices have been made by all the prophets of Islam and how they fought for the unity of Muslims. You will learn all the miracles of Islam and how millions of people converted after reading the Holy book.

There are lots of central teachings that guide us to the straight path and reveal what things are significant in Islam and what is prohibited. The second part of the central teaching of the Quran is, Prophet (PBUH) is the prophet of Islam as well as the last of messengers. He is also called the ‘Seal of the Prophets who came to this universe to spread the complete message of this pure religion. He revealed that Islam is once and for all and Allah has completed the deen on him.

Some Important Quran Lessons

There are lots of Quran lessons and teachings that we can only learn when we read the Quran. Some of the essential lessons are:

  • Seek Help Through Allah

Allah always tests his people, because He wants to cleanse them from all their misdeeds. He teaches that Muslims must seek guidance via Quran and prayer and Allah will alleviate their pain and suffering. Allah’s book guides us to be patient through thick and thin and train ourselves to be patient rather than give up.

  • Be Kind and Compassionate

When people harm us, we probably have two choices. We either tend to seek vengeance and do the same as whatever they did to us or we choose to remain calm and exhibit compassion. We are commanded in the Quran to prefer compassion and try to be nice and kind to everyone instead of seeking revenge and spreading hate. 

  • Be Grateful

When you thank Allah for all his immense blessings and bounties, He bestows you more of them and be very happy with you. That’s why it’s very important to be grateful for Allah’s blessings rather than complaining that He doesn’t give us that or He is more kind towards others. We must thank Him for all good and bad, as it will help raise our sins and bad deeds.


Reading and learning Quran is the basic obligation of every Muslim. If you don’t do it, you are probably missing the guidance and message of Allah. Make sure you read Quran with dedication and excitement so you earn countless blessings from Allah SWT. 

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