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Unable to Read the Qur'an Well? It’s Bad.
Why Not Take a Trip to Our Quran Class?

What do you think when you hear someone reciting the Quran in a wonderful and melodious voice?

Don’t you wish to do that yourself? If so, then why don’t you take a tour of our Quran reading class?

A minor mistake in reading Quran leads to a major blunder; and remember, whoever doesn’t read Quran with correct Tajweed, must be a sinner.

Whether you are unable to read well or want to improve your recitation, we urge all Muslim brothers and sisters to enroll themselves in the Quran class that enlightens your hearts with the sacred Quranic verses.

Course Goals

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Our Comprehensive Quran Lessons Include

Quran reading

Quran recitation

Quran Memorization


Quran Ijazah

Quran Tajweed

Why Enroll Yourself in Our online quran to read Course?

There are tons of benefits to enrolling yourself in our Quran reading course.

Plan classes in advance

Stay home and learn online

Improved knowledge of the Quran

Fluent reading & recitation

24/7 accessible platform

Save time and money

Features & Benefits of Our Quran Reading Class

We make sure that we prove highly beneficial to every student when it comes to reading and reciting the Quran. Our Quran reading class includes

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Expert Quran tutors

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Proper certification

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Flexible timings

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Tests and evaluations

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3 days free trial

See What Our Students Say

With 2-3 hours a day, my Quran reading has improved a lot.
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Best experience with the tutors of QulQuran.
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My Quran reading has got 99% improved. Thanks.
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3 Steps to Start

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Enroll yourself in the Quran reading course.

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Join the Trial

Join our 3 days of trial, ask questions, and continue learning with us.

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Start Learning

After completing the trial, start reading the Quran and get more details from us.

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Regular Fee Packages


$45 Per Month


$60 Per Month


$70 Per Month


$85 Per Month

Family Fee Packages

The siblings as well as more than one family members may check and opt the following packages given below. The students who are interesting in learn Quran Tafseer or to learn Hadith may also select the package from here in order to get the maximum results.


$80 Per Month


$110 Per Month


$130 Per Month


$150 Per Month

Frequent Ask Question

We implement a lot of innovative ways to improve your reading and reciting fluency. For example, we improve your pronunciation, help you learn Tajweed, improve your intonation, focus on your quality of recitation, and launch repetitions to make quick improvements.

There is no age to read and recite Quran. Our courses are best for every age. Whether you are an adult or a child, the courses will improve your reading and recitation based on your needs.

Everybody. People who have never read Quran, someone with poor recitation, newly converted Muslims, children, and old. We welcome our Muslim brothers and sisters with open hearts to read and recite Quran.


“No one can touch it except the purified ones.” (Al-Quran- 56:79)

This means you must perform proper Wudu before reading Quran. And read it with proper concentration.

Remove all the distractions near you. Delete all the tame thoughts from your mind. Readout loudly and make sure you are in a state of Ablution while reading Quran.

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