Skype Quran Classes – Beneficial OR Difficult Way to Learn Quran?

Flexible Schedule of Skype Class

Many people believe that Skype Quran classes are difficult because you have to be present at the scheduled time, have a smooth internet connection, and concentrate carefully as online learning is challenging. 

On the other hand, many people believe that Skype Quran classes are best because you don’t have to rush to the academy, pass that crowded traffic, or change clothes to look presentable…! There are lots of perks of online classes. In fact, Skype is the easiest way for females and kids as they don’t have to walk or travel to the mosque every single day.

So, let’s learn in detail whether Skype Quran classes are beneficial or not. Make sure you read the article till the end to get complete details.

Is Skype an Easiest Platform to Learn Quran?

Is Skype an Easiest Platform to Learn Quran

Myriad characteristics make Skype Quran classes the easiest way to learn Quran. For example, the biggest benefit is, your child doesn’t need to travel anywhere. He can log in to Skype and start taking regular classes from the comfort of his home. You or your kids are not required to travel to any seminaries and mosques because online teaching makes things for both children and parents.

The tutors include interactive sessions and make sure that students are learning easily and comfortably. Therefore, we believe that Quran lessons on Skype are easier than going to the mosque and attending classes every day.

We cannot refuse the importance of learning the Quran. There are tons of blessings and rewards for reading and learning the Quran from Allah SWT. When you read each word of the Quran, you earn 10 blessings and multiple rewards. So why not choose an easy way to read and learn the Quran from the comfort of your home?

Here is the importance of learning the Quran by a Hadith: According to Prophet PBUH, ‘Having any disbelief in the Quran leads us to disbelief (Kufr). ‘

This means that Prophet Muhammad PBUH confirmed that the Quran is the best book of guidance for all Muslims; which is why learning Quran is an obligatory act. Opposite that, people who show any disbelief in the Quran and then reject all the teachings will earn extreme displeasure of Allah and go to the hellfire.

Benefits of Quran Teaching on Skype

Benefits of Quran Teaching on Skype

There are a lot of benefits of Quran learning and teaching on Skype:

  • Secure Learning Way

Skype Quran classes offer a secure and safe to learn the Quran. Sometimes in the sub-continent, we have seen that children are beaten for very common reasons. Not only that, but sexual cases have also surfaced a lot. That’s the reason, parents of every child have become very conscious about the safety of their children.

Skype Quran classes seem to be a more valuable source that offers a lot of facilities. First, your children will attend classes from home, and secondly, parents are not required to drop them off at scheduled times every day.


  • Regularity and Punctuality

It is a universal principle of learning that we all need to pay attention to the things that we want to learn; in short words, you become more regular and punctual when you learn Quran comfortably from your home through Skype.

This is an ideal characteristic of the Skype Quran classes that both teachers and students become regular so that the other person doesn’t have to wait at the scheduled time.

Moreover, every reliable online Quran learning platform also records attendance regularly, and this is mainly the first step in learning the Quran.

Your online tutor on Skype class will be responsible to provide a schedule of revision as well as repeat the lesson if you are not clearly understanding things. 

Other than that, students and teachers also become punctual as they have to follow the proper timings every day and get online to avoid any waiting issues.


  • Skype Quran Classes Availability

Skype Quran Classes Availability


Surely, there are lots of Quran academies out there that offer you the opportunity to take Skype Quran classes. But the fact is, most of the academies are not providing the quality education that your children need. You need to find the best teachers in their fields who work hard to impart great Islamic knowledge to children.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose Qul Quran Skype classes that create personalized lessons for students based on their requirements and abilities.

Parents need to check for the platform during the trial period and analyze if it’s the right solution for their kids or not. Before finalizing, you can even check reviews available on the internet about Quran institutes. 

The registration process and other issues are also very easy and straightforward to complete and you don’t have to put any effort to launch your Skype Quran class.


  • Flexible Schedule of Skype Class

Flexible Schedule of Skype Class

Skype Quran classes look like the finest way to read and learn Quran online. This offers ease, convenience, and a lot of comfort to both teachers and students who have to manage several other things in their routines.

Every good platform allows you to schedule your Skype Quran class according to your requirement. If you are free at 1 Pm, your tutor will set the time for you. If you are free at 5 pm, you can take lessons at that time with no hassle.

They won’t bother if you want to change the schedule.

Hence, this proves that Quran lessons on Skype are a very convenient option that can be considered by every person including kids and females.


With Qulquran, Quran teaching on Skype has become a requirement of today’s modern age. Especially if you are concerned about the safety of your children and females, then Skype Quran classes are probably the best option than going to the local mosque every day.

If you have decided to join Skype Quran classes, register yourself at Qul Quran and talk to our specialists about the course materials and other things. You can start your 3-day trial and analyze if you are satisfied with the teaching methods or not.

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