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Do You Have a Strong Grasp on Fundamentals of Islam? Maybe We All Have Misconceptions!

Many people believe that they have a strong grasp of all the fundamentals of Islam. Maybe that’s true, or maybe it’s not. Why? Because there are hundreds of lessons and backstories of Sahabas and Ambiyahs that we don’t know.

We have tons of misconceptions about different surahs and verses. And do you know what’s the worst part? We don’t even try to clear up those misconceptions.

In fact, we also lack knowledge of certain hadiths and we have no idea if they are authentic or not.

To address all these issues, we invite you to enroll yourself in our Hadiths and Tafseer courses, which aim to cover everything and clear up all your misconceptions. You can finally spend your life following the Hadiths and Quran and abiding by all the things that are Haram in Islam.

Reach out to our experts and learn how to make the most of this course at QulQuran.

Course Goals

Why have we designed this course? Learn some goals here:

Get a full understanding of Islam

Knowledge about the life of the Prophet (PBUH)

Deeper meaning of Islam and history

Learn how to live your life with Islam

Bring Muslims closer to Allah

Make you follow and abide by the rules of Islam

Benefits of Learning Tafseer

It connects you
with Allah

You know
all the duties

A better understanding of the Quran

Learn about Islamic history

Understand the meaning of words

Learn about Islamic rules

Not falling for misconceptions

Ability to invite people to Islam

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Learning Outcomes After the Course

Features of the Course

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Flexible timings

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Custom plans

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See What Our Students Say

Very professional tutors, I really enjoyed learning with them.

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Thanks for clearing my misconceptions during the Tafseer course.
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The course was great; I learned a lot. Many thanks.

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3 Steps to Start

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Enroll yourself in the Hadiths
and Tafseer course

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Family Fee Packages

The siblings as well as more than one family members may check and opt the following packages given below. The students who are interesting in learn Quran Tafseer or to learn Hadith may also select the package from here in order to get the maximum results.


$80 Per Month


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Frequent Ask Question

If you have any misconceptions about Islam, this is the right course to consider. Or if you just want to explore and expand your knowledge of Islam, then we hope that this course opens up new horizons for you and you can spend your life according to the teachings of Islam.

No. there are no specific criteria. However, you must be consistent and dedicated to learning new things each day.

Well, we cannot mention an exact timeframe as it completely depends on the user’s ability to learn and explore. However, 3-4 months are enough to learn for most students.

No, our course materials are different for both basic and professional levels. Once you share details and goals, we create a plan accordingly.

QulQuran works with dedicated and qualified tutors who have great knowledge and expertise in the relevant area. We create custom plans for our students and make goals for every individual so you can make the most of this course.

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