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Do You Think Learning Quran is Too Difficult? Well, That May Not be the Case Anymore!

Learning Quran seems to be mentally demanding for noorani qaida boy and adults.

Spending 7 hours at school or work and then coming home and going online to learn Quran is very difficult to manage. 

However, that’s not the case when you join hands with QulQuran. 

We help you and your children cover the basics through Noorani Qaidah – which is the root course for beginners.

We make things easier and simpler. How?

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How We Help Learn Noorani Qaidah?

We follow a unique approach when it comes to teaching Noorani Qaidah

Why Learn Noorani Qaidah?

There are plenty of benefits to learning Noorani Qaidah, such as

It helps learn Arabic rules

Correct form and pronunciation

Learn Arabic vowels

Teaches how to read Quran

Basic understanding of words

In Our Noorani Qaidah Course, You Will Learn

Singular Arabic

Alphabetical & Non - Alphabetical Order

Practice of Joining & Compound letters

Short & Long vowels movement

Wakf and the rules

Nunnation & Rules of Noon

Why Choose QulQuran for Noorani Qaidah?

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Offers curriculum-based testing

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Qualified and skilled tutors

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Frequent evaluations and testing

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Observations and interactions

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Innovative teaching approach

See What Our Students Say

Excellent. My kid is now fluent in pronunciation.
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My 7-year-old is learning quickly through Qaidah.
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Very well-versed tutors. Excellent platform.
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Frequent Ask Question

Noorani Qaidah has 17 chapters in total in which you learn the Arabic Alphabet and Arabic words, and then read complete verses from Quran.

There are 51 pages in Noorani Qaidah. We help our students learn easily and quickly through comprehensive guides and instructions.

There are lots of benefits to learning Noorani Qaidah. It helps you correct your form and pronunciation, allows you to understand Arabic words, and makes you fluent in reading Quran.

With our proficient and fluent tutors, it won’t take more than 2-3 weeks in completing Noorani Qaidah. However, it also depends on the learning abilities of students.

Yes, of course. We have a group of female tutors who help you learn Noorani Qaidah based on your requirements.

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