Why Qul Quran is the Best Quran Academy Online?

Learning Online Quran

When it comes to learning Islam and Quran, most parents and students feel confused because they couldn’t decide whether they should learn Quran online or get admission to their local Quran academy. But I think in today’s fast pace environment, the enigma has already been solved and you don’t have to rush towards your Quran academy every evening.

Yes! you can learn Quran online by enrolling yourself at the Quran academy online which allows you to read, recite, and learn Quran from the comfort of your home.

Things get more confusing when you find plenty of options in the market that leave you in a muddle and you can’t decide which is the right eQuran academy for your needs. 

Well, don’t worry. Qul Quran, the House of Quran offers a plethora of amazing Quran and Islamic courses that help remove all misconceptions and confusions and improve your knowledge of Islam and the Quran in a short time.

Let’s find out some more reasons to choose Qul Quran as your online Quran academy.


Safe and Secure Way to Learn Quran

Security of the children is always the foremost concern of every parent. 

Above all, every parent wants to protect themselves and their children during pandemics such as Coronavirus so they cannot get infected by others. When you choose a local academy, the chances of being infected are twice. But when you choose Quran academy online, your children are protected from every disease and situation because they are not directly interacting with the tutors and other community members. 

Therefore, the online Quran academy is the best in every regard especially when it comes to students’ safety and security.


Online Study Without Traveling Anywhere

Instead of driving miles away from your home and traveling to your academy which also takes a lot of time and energy, you can easily find a qualified Quran tutor at home with Qul Quran. On top of that, your online Quran tutors are well-qualified, highly skilled, experienced, and have different certifications that make them the perfect choice for every learner. So why not save your energy and travel expenses and learn Quran online from the comfort of your couch?


Flexible Timings

Do you know what differentiates Qul Quran from other online Quran academies?

Qul Quran offers flexible timings. You can read Quran at home according to your convenient timings.

One of the best advantages of learning the Quran online that you cannot leverage with the traditional Quran learning style is that you can have the flexibility to learn on your own time. You don’t have to follow the schedule set by your tutors, but instead, you will tell them that you are available at this hour of the day. With 24/7 Accessibility, you can easily learn Quran from anywhere in the world with Qul Quran.


Save Money with Al-Quran Academy

Why do people prefer online Quran learning today? Because it saves them a lot of money. They don’t have to spend extra or hidden charges at local academies and only pay a reasonable amount to the online academy.

When you compare it with the traditional Quran madrassah or Islamic school, the online Quran academy offers fewer charges than traditional Quran madrassah or Islamic school.

This makes Quran education a much more convenient option in terms of pricing and comfort. You are not only saving on huge academy fees and commuting but also avoiding other hidden charges.


One-on-One Online Classes

You must be thinking that the local Quran academy is best in this regard that they offer one on one sessions. Your tutor is right in front of you which improves the learning process.

However, things are changed today with online classes. You can also attend one on one sessions with online classes.

In fact, this is the biggest merit of online Quran learning. You have a chance to interact one-on-one with your tutor every time. This will improve your learning and education a lot. Especially kids can get direct individual attention from the tutors. They can easily clarify all their misconceptions and confusion without losing any interest. Due to one-on-one online Quran classes, students can pay full attention as well as learn more effectively without getting distracted.


Native and Experienced Quran Tutors

As we all know that Quran is revealed in the Arabic language, so it is quite challenging to learn the Quran without an expert. You need a tutor who can pronounce every word fluently and help you understand the meaning and context of each sentence and story.

Unfortunately, very few tutors have that skills. Most of them can’t explain to the students about the background story. Therefore, Qul Quran is best in this regard. They work with tutors who help you pronounce the Arabic letters 100% accurately from all the particular points of articulation. And this is very important when it comes to correct Quran recitation. Now with the help of a top online Quran academy, you can easily learn and understand Quran from expert and native tutors who can guide you efficiently about everything.


Quick Online Support

Quick online support is another advantage that you can enjoy with online Quran learning. The academy works with professional supervisors who assess the online classrooms and ensure the discipline of your class and the quality of course lessons. They comprise the best customer support who is always here to help and motivate students. 

Not only that but parents will also be informed about the progress report of their children every week and month. With these reports, you can measure the strengths and weak points of your children.


Final Thoughts

Are you still on the hunt for the best Quran academy online?

If yes, Qul Quran is your only option that considers all your needs and requirements and offers ultimate help & support to the students. You can simply visit the official website and learn what courses we offer at Qulquran. Once you decide, you can reach out to our specialists who will further guide you about the course and other details. So, do not waste your time anymore, and let’s get started with the best online Quran academy today.

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