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4 Values of Islamic Studies

As a Muslim, have you ever wondered if you are spending life according to the teachings of Islam and the Quran? If you did, then you must think to educate yourself about basic Islamic guidelines and teachings so that you can spend your life following the rules of Allah and His book.

But what could be the best way to do that? Listening to lectures and attending Islamic Dars may be good options. But they are still not enough if you want to learn something specific about Islam. For example, you want to learn Hadith and Sirah. How can you possibly do that without any detailed guidance? Surely an Islamic lecture may cover a lot of things but still, you need plenty of information besides basic things.

Therefore, online Islamic courses for beginners, kids, and ladies are somewhat the best choices to consider in the long run. These courses are actually a solid foundation for different Islamic aspects. Once you enrol yourself in the courses, you will be stunned by the benefits and information they offer.

Let’s find out what are the best Islamic courses online for everyone.


The Shahada

The Shahada or declaration of faith is the most important element and in fact, it is the first pillar of Islam. Without a declaration of your faith in Allah SWT, you cannot be a Muslim. It’s basically a declaration of belief in the oneness of God which we usually call Tawhid. It is the acceptance of Muhammad as His prophet. If you don’t believe in this basic thing, you simply won’t belong to the community of Muslims. 

“There is no god but Allah. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”

This is the Shahada belief which is necessary to learn and understand for every Muslim. Especially kids who just start to learn the basics about Islam must understand that Allah is one and Muhammad PBUH is Allah’s messenger and last prophet of Islam.

In order to be a Muslim, you must admit with the conviction of your heart and soul that there is no God but Allah, who is the creator of this universe and He sent Muhammad PBUH for guiding the entire world.

This is a short Islamic course that clears all the confusion and questions in your mind. Once you enroll yourself in the course, you will find out how many important things you have been missing till now.


Muslim Prayers

Salat is the second pillar of Islam. Without prayers or Salah, you cannot be a good Muslim as it being a Muslim, is your first obligation. Salah is your physical, mental, and spiritual act of worshipping Allah. If you don’t do that, you gain nothing but the displeasure of Allah. Salah is an obligation that you need to perform five times every day at specific timings.

According to this authentic hadith by the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said.

“The first of man’s deeds for which he will be called to account on the Day of Resurrection will be Salat. If it is found to be perfect, he will be safe and successful; but if it is incomplete, he will be unfortunate and a loser.”

This means it’s very important to teach your children and family about the 5 prayers, all their rules, and their importance.

So, this course is basically very helpful for kids and ladies. You can learn and understand the importance of prayers, their benefits, and how you can enhance your daily Ibadah according to Islamic rules and regulations. You will also learn which elements are prohibited in Islam and how you should pray with all faith and sincerity.



Zakat or Zakah is also a basic obligation of Islam. It is the third pillar of Islam and this describes the giving of alms to all the poor and needy. This means it is obligatory for every Muslim with proficient means.

When you give Zakat, you acknowledge that everything you have right now belongs to Allah and we don’t own a single thing in the world. So, we should remember Allah and give a portion of our belongings to people who need help. Zakat aids in getting rid of that excessive greed, desire, and narcissism. According to one belief.

It’s important to teach children about the real value of Zakat and let them see you while giving it so they also adopt this thing in the future.

Now in this course, you learn the basic meaning, purpose, and benefits of giving Zakat. You learn all the rules, laws, and basic things about this Islamic pillar and gain a better understanding of what it exactly is and how much Zakat should you give, and to whom.


Fasting in Ramadan

Fasting is the fourth pillar of Islam. Fasting in Ramadan is an obligation of every Muslim.

All Muslims Fast in the month of Ramadan and abstain from food, drink, smoking, and any sexual activity from dawn till sunset till they hear the sound of Maghrib Azaan.

With Fasting, Muslims gain self-control and gain a better understanding of Allah’s gifts, as well as the best compassion towards the deprived.

It is an obligatory act for adults unless they are extremely sick, pregnant, breastfeeding, or traveling.

Fasting is not only beneficial for physical objectives but also best for your soul. When you enroll yourself in this course, you get all the knowledge and understanding regarding Fasting.



Hajj is the fifth and last pillar of Islam. This is basically an annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, which is the holiest city for Muslims. Hajj is a mandatory religious duty that must be carried out by every Muslim at least once in their lifetime. Hajj is an obligation for all who are physically and financially capable of undertaking this sacred journey. 

By doing this course, you can learn and understand the importance of Hajj and how you can reap the rewards of this beautiful journey. 



There are different types of online Islamic courses available on online platforms today. Whether you want to do short Islamic courses or Alimah courses online, I would recommend you to choose the Qulquran platform which is specifically designed to offer all these valuable courses from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to spend tons of money or set a whole schedule to attend, you can choose your flexible timings and avoid hefty costs.

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