6 Brilliant Tips to Help Your Kids Learn Quran Online

6 Brilliant Tips to Help Your Kids Learn Quran Online

Being Muslim parents, we always want to choose the best things for our kids and provide them with great Islamic guidance so that they can spend their life according to Islamic rules and principles.

Among all the good things we want for our kids, nothing can beat the gesture of helping them learn the Quran. Yes! learning Quran is a lifetime incredible gift you can ever give to your children. This will not only help them get closer to Allah SWT but also help them become a better person and get succeed in this life and hereafter.

It is our duty to raise our children under the light of the Quran and provide all the guidance to our kids so they can become better people in the future. But the problem is, how can you help your kids learn the Quran especially if you are living in a non-Muslim country?

You need to find a reliable tutor online or maybe send your kids to a mosque that is miles away from your home. Both things are difficult to follow. Because obviously, you need to spend time finding a good tutor or online platform that can impart the right Islamic knowledge to your kids.

However, things are easy when you choose Qul Quran, the House of Quran that aims to provide highly qualified online tutors for improved Quran reading, translation, Tajweed, Tafsir, and much more. 

Aiming to support your mission, Qul Quran provides six brilliant tips for all parents so they can help their kids learn to read Quran by understanding proper meaning and concepts.


  • Find Good Tutors for Kids Quran Learning

Kids’ Quran learning is very important as this is the first step to following the righteous path.

Especially if you belong to a non-Arabic speaking country and living in the US or UK, you may not have the proper knowledge or enough time to teach children the Quran. In that case, finding a professional, knowledgeable, and reliable tutor is a great idea. You can help your kids learn Quran online with the help of different Islamic platforms like Qul Quran that can help your kids learn the Quran from the comfort of your home at your flexible timings. 

You can easily choose male and female tutors according to your requirement and develop a love for Islam and Allah SWT. These tutors have proper certifications and knowledge which make them a perfect choice for your children. Above all, Quran learning for kids online is itself a very convenient option as you don’t have to rush to the mosque every day and manage time for this activity. You can easily do it at home with the help of professional tutors.


  • Make Your Kids Listen to Quran Recitation – a Lot

Do your kids listen to Quran recitation? If not, then first, you need to develop this habit. When they will listen to Quran recitation every day, they can better understand Quran and their recitation will automatically get improved.

When they are at a growing age like 7, or 8 years old, make sure you continue to play the audio recitation of the Quran for at least 2-3 hours a day. Whether they are playing, sleeping, or doing anything, the recitation will be entering their souls and minds and they will automatically get attracted to it. As a result, they will slowly develop familiarity with Quran and take interest in learning and exploring its lessons.

When they develop this kind of familiarity and interest, it will become easy for them to read and understand Quran. Even they can memorize the Quran in a short time as compared to others who don’t listen to the recitation every day.

So, if you are still questioning yourself about how to learn Quran at home, make your kids listen to the recitation every day and you’ll see how quickly they will grasp the concepts.


  • Revise and Repeat the Verses Constantly

Quran is written in the Arabic language, which is quite different from English and Urdu. That’s why many people feel difficulty reading Quran because they are not familiar with Arabic. 

If you want your kids to learn the Quran word by word, then it’s very important to make them revise and repeat the verses every day. 

When their teacher teaches them the lessons, your kids might take interest in learning and revise things the same day. But this is not enough. For proper learning and understanding, it’s important to revise and repeat the verses every single day so that your kids can develop a better understanding of the Quran. 

When they will read and revise every day, they will automatically develop good fluency and improved recitation. But when your kids are reading it one day and then taking a long gap, then it won’t be possible for them to read it fluently even at later stages of life. Don’t bring any gaps and revise the lessons every single day.


  • Learn the Arabic Language for Kids

Learn the Arabic Language for Kids

As I mentioned above the Quran is in the Arabic language, so it’s important to learn it by yourself as well. Especially if you are a teacher, you need to learn Arabic first so you can develop good fluency, understanding, and communication skills before teaching it to others.

If you have inefficient knowledge of Arabic, you can’t be a good teacher and hence your students will never get thorough knowledge of the Quran and Islam. It’s nearly impossible to say that you can understand the holy Quran with no understanding of the Arabic language. That’s the reason, learning Arabic is also very important for teachers.

Therefore, parents prefer to choose online teachers as they work with qualified staff who are well-versed in Arabic and Islamic knowledge. With their fluency and good knowledge and professional Experience, they can help students learn Quranic Arabic in a detailed manner and the children will automatically start learning all the lessons without putting much effort.


  • Do Not Ignore Tafsir

Do Not Ignore Tafsir

Tafsir is a bit complicated task for children. Since they are growing ages, they hardly learn Arabic and pronounce each word; that’s why online Quran learning is better as the teachers also help them learn Tafsir for proper understanding of the Quran and Islam. And the fact is, without Tafsir, you cannot get a complete understanding of Allah’s book. 

This sacred book holds a huge wealth of information probably more than any of us can grasp in our lifetime. That’s why, in this journey of learning the Quran, it’s very important to tell your children about Islamic history, background, and the reason behind a particular chapter or verse. When you guide them properly through Tafsir, they will develop a better connection with Allah’s book and hence become good Muslims while understanding everything from an Islamic perspective. 

Therefore, online platforms are best in this regard. They can help you teach complete Tafsir and offer detailed guidance about the chapters of the Quran. How? They offer a complete Tafsir course. The course outlines Hadiths and Tafsir and offer a complete understanding of the religion and tell people how to live their life according to Islam. In this way, you and your kids won’t fall for any misconceptions and you will have a great understanding of religion.


  • Set Proper Timetable

The timetable is very important for children. Not only in their regular life but also when it comes to learning Quran. The best thing about choosing an online Quran academy is, you don’t have to set timings for your children. Though you can adjust timing according to your convenience, but when the teacher is available online at proper timings, your children will get used to that specific time and be available to read and learn Quran.

With a proper timetable, your children will become disciplined in their everyday life and will read Quran with more interest, consistency, and motivation.


Why Should You Choose Online Platforms for Learning Quran for Beginners?

Kids’ Quran learning is not an easy task that can be managed by anyone with the least knowledge or understanding of Allah’s book. That’s why most parents send kids to the nearby mosque so that their kids can learn Quran in a better way.

The problem is, sending your kids to the mosque isn’t possible for most parents. Sometimes the mosque is quite far away from home and some parents do not feel secure when it comes to sending kids to the mosque. 

That’s why online platforms come in handy. They offer complete Quran learning from the comfort of your home without asking for any hidden charges. They have the best tutors who are professional, well-versed, and have a deep understanding of Islam. Therefore, online platforms are the best in almost every regard.


Final Thoughts

Are you sending your kid miles away to the mosque for learning Quran? If yes, then don’t do this anymore.

It’s recommended to choose online platforms like Qulquran which offers complete ease and convenience with the help of their online tutors and offers various courses to develop a strong understanding of Islam and the Quran. So, visit the official website today and attend a three-day trial to find out what patterns we follow for teaching Quran to your kids.

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