How to Choose the Best Online Quran School?

Best Online Quran Institute

When you choose to invest your time, energy, and concentration on something as important as reading Quran, you need to make sure that you do it right – without making any mistakes.

Unfortunately, most people cannot do that without proper help and assistance. As a result, they search for the best online eQuran School that can help them during each step. But unluckily, most Quran schools today do not offer detailed help. Especially if you are a beginner, they don’t focus the way they should really do.

That’s why, if you want to learn Quran, you need to find the best online Quran school near you, so you can achieve the best and most detailed knowledge of the Quran. But the point is, how can you choose the best Quran school among a plethora of other options?

If you are stuck at this point, then this article might help you a lot. Here I have discussed all the tips and tricks that help you find the best online Islamic school.


Online Quran Teaching Experience

Experience is the main element that differentiates a good Quran online school from others. Without relevant knowledge and experience, your Quran school won’t be able to instill in-depth knowledge of Islam and the Quran.

The best online Quran always have a long experience in teaching Quran online everyone including ladies and kids from all over the world. Every reliable Quran institute develops innovative teaching methodologies and techniques that set them apart from others.

So, when it comes to choosing your Quran school, make sure they have good experience in teaching Quran and have teachers that can really make a difference in your life.


Variety of Courses for All

Every best online Quran school offers a variety of courses for all including adults, kids, and ladies. If they are offering just 1,2 courses, then they are definitely not the right choice for you as you will be able to gain limited knowledge which is far from enough. 

They offer courses like:

  • Quran Reading Courses:

The good and reliable Quran school always offers the best Quran reading course for all. This course covers the basics of the Quran and makes everyone fluent in reading and understanding Quran.

  • Quran Memorization Course:

Quran memorization is a very important course for adults and kids. It helps you memorize Quran from A to Z and you can easily learn every single word more practically and interactively. The expert tutors simplify the whole process. They start from short surahs and then gradually move towards long surahs.

  • Tajweed:

If you want to read and understand Quran, you need to learn how to recite it with proper Tajweed. This course is a very special solution for all who want to improve their reading, recitation, and understanding of the Quran. With online personalized sessions, a person can learn better about every little detail of the Quran.

  • Hadiths and Tafsir Course:

Hadiths and Tafsir courses are equally important for all Muslims. You can learn the history and context of all the verses in a more effective and detailed manner with online tutors. 

  • Online Ijazah Course:

Now you can register yourself for the online Ijazah course too. This course will help you a lot in different aspects of life according to the Islamic style.  You can get qualified to obtain Ijazah online in Quran Recitation with Tajweed or Quran Memorization with the help of different interactive online sessions with Ijazah-certified Quran tutors at Qul Quran.

When you end this course and clear all the tests and certifications successfully, you will also get an Ijazah certificate.

If your Quran school is not offering the above courses then this is the time to choose a reliable online platform like Qul Quran that provides in-depth details about Islam through all these courses on both basic and advanced levels.


Professional Male and Female Tutors

Another positive aspect of a good online Quran school is, they work with both male and female tutors. In case, a kid is not satisfied with male tutors, or a female is not comfortable learning Quran from a male teacher, they can request female tutors and their desired Quran teacher will be assigned to them. All the teachers are professional, experienced, knowledgeable, and highly qualified, which makes them an ideal choice for all.

Having both genders at the institute is a privilege that is not offered by every Quran school. If you are a male, you can learn Quran from males. Likewise, female students can choose female tutors so they can easily & comfortably learn Quran.


A Good Website

You might be thinking that it’s obvious to have a website for online Quran school. But let me tell you a fact here, there are plenty of Quran schools that are operating without any website. They either use social media platforms or initiate sessions through Skype. 

I think this is not enough for a good and reliable Quran school. They must have a proper website that features all the necessary details about the courses they provide with a blog page that comprises every information the audience needs.

The website should be responsive, functional, and attractive so it can capture interest from all, the moment they open your landing page.


Free Trial

This is another important element to check while choosing the best online Quran school. Your school must offer a free trial. Many platforms offer a 3-day trial, while some offer a 7-day trial. But a trial is a must. Without a trial, students never understand whether the platform is a good choice or not.


Are You Looking for Online Islamic School Near me?

So, are you also looking for an Islamic school near me just like thousands of other students?

If yes, then you have an opportunity to get yourself registered at Qul Quran which is an online Islamic school near you and offers reliable Quran learning services for all. Whether you belong to the UK, Canada, Pakistan, or anywhere in the world, the platform works with multilingual tutors who offer great help and assistance in learning Quran. Don’t waste your time and sign up today to have a 3-day trial and then decide whether it’s the right choice for you or not.

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