How to Read the Quran Without Any Mistakes?

Reading Quran

Reading and reciting Quran fluently in a melodious voice without making any mistakes is probably a dream of many Muslims today. It’s just like a goal we all want to achieve. And why not? After all, it brings you closer to Allah and you earn 10 rewards for each letter you recite.

But it’s not that easy. Especially for the one who has no familiarity with the Arabic language. We make mistakes, misunderstand the meaning & concept, and couldn’t recite the words with flow and fluency. 

However, that’s not an issue today. Why? Because you have an option to read and learn the Quran online with the help of expert tutors. Platforms like Qul Quran are discovered just to provide ease and convenience to the Muslims who want to learn and read the Quran from the comfort of their home without having to pay tons of money to their local academy.

Now you must be thinking online platforms are not that great when it comes to reading Quran, because you cannot interact with the tutor in person. Well, that’s not the case. The tutors arrange sessions on platforms like Skype and Zoom, which makes it extremely easy to learn the Quran from any part of the world.

So, let’s find out further and learn how to read the Quran without mistakes.


Some Easy Ways to Improve Your Quran Reading

You don’t have to worry anymore just because your Quran reading is not impeccable. Here are some amazing ways that can help you improve your Quran reading and recitation.


  • Take Quran Classes:

If you want to learn to read Quran, then it is recommended to take online Quran classes. Every online platform features great tutors who can help you correct your dialect and improve your wording and flow. They can guide you where you are wrong and how can you improve it.

  • Listen to Your Favorite Reciter:

Now another best way to improve your reading is, to listen to your favorite Quran reciter. Copy their style and observe how they pronounce each word. Try to repeat after them and learn how they say each word.

  • Take Tajweed Classes:

You can also take Tajweed classes regularly. Your tutor will help you learn all the rules of Tajweed and how you can use them properly.

  • Memorize Quran:

It’s also recommended to memorize the part of the Quran and read it every day. It will improve your fluency and recitation. And you can possibly improve Quran reading within a week.

Always remember, mistakes are part of the process. Allah Almighty overlooks your mistakes and rewards you with unlimited blessings when you read Quran. So, do not burden yourself with the fear of reading the wrong word or sentence. He knows that you are trying and working hard to improve your Quran reading.

  • Recite Quran Very Slowly:

This is very important to follow. When you read the Quran at full speed, there are more chances to make mistakes. 

The main goal is to read and recite Quran very slowly while understanding each word carefully. You need to learn and understand Quran properly and read it slowly with extreme care so you don’t make a little mistake. If you are failed to understand the meaning of any verse or word then search for it on the internet and don’t skip it. You can ask your tutor to guide you. But do not ignore it. 

It’s recommended to read Quran very slowly and pay attention to every word so you can learn it in a better way without misunderstanding its concept. It’s best to sit in a quiet and clean corner where nobody can distract you as it can help you in later stage to memorize the Quran.   

  • Start by Reading Any Short Surah:

When you start reading Quran from any big Surah, you might feel difficult to continue and get stressed.  If you want to remain stress-free and calm, it’s better to start with a short surah. Moreover, it will be very easy to apply all the Tajweed rules you have learned during the journey.

  • Create a Schedule:

Another important recommendation is, to create a proper schedule to read Quran. When you set up regular timings, you can maintain consistency and get motivated. 

Learning Quran recitation always needs some time, energy, and concentration. When you do that at the proper timing, you can simply achieve your goals in a short time. And if you are not willing to commit to this, it will be very hard to reach your goals.

  • Follow Your Favorite Reciter:

First, you need to learn all the Tajweed rules better so you can read Quran without making any mistakes. It’s recommended to listen to your favorite reciter, try to follow him, and then repeat after him so there are fewer chances of making mistakes. Make sure you pay attention to his words when he reads, and observe when he raises his voice and when he lowers it.

You also need to listen to his pronunciation of each letter and word. Because the more you will listen, the better you will become in this Quran reading journey. There are lots of reciters that are popular today and you can easily learn lots of things from them. For example, Saad El Ghamidi, Abdul Rahman Al Sudais, and Abdul Basit Abdus Samad are quite famous.

  • Watch Out Mistakes:

We all make mistakes while reading Quran. Now there are two types of mistakes. Clear mistakes and hidden mistakes.

Clear mistakes are those that are major ones in which you probably change the meaning or pronunciation of a letter or a sentence.

Hidden mistakes are minor ones. For example, not stopping on a particular word or not completing the whole sentence. You need to correct the mistakes in your journey so you can read the Quran in a better way.


Final Thoughts

Reading and learning Quran is a duty of every Muslim. If you want to gain Allah’s blessings and rewards, then it’s important to fulfill that duty wholeheartedly. 

In case, it feels difficult for you, then you can join online Quran classes for adults and learn reading, recitation, memorization, and everything in great detail. You can also consult with our tutors and choose the ones based on your requirements.

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