6 Qualities You Must Look Out for in a Good Quran Teacher

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“Teaching is a piece of cake.” Said nobody ever! Yes, teaching is not an easy peasy job we usually believe. Teaching a group of 25-35 children every day, all belonging to a different backgrounds is surely a big challenge for all the teachers. If you are a teacher, you must know what I am talking about.

But you know what, things get 2 times more difficult for you if you are a Quran teacher. Why? First, you must have a proficient understanding of the Quran, and second, your recitation should be up to the mark. 

If you are not equipped with these two factors, you aren’t a good Quran teacher. But if you have that, then I am sure you are doing such a great job. However, things get a bit complicated for people who are in search of a good Quran teacher. Sometimes they don’t feel comfortable with them, while some people don’t understand them properly. 

Actually, some qualities make someone a good Quran teacher. If you don’t know about these qualities, then let me highlight them here:


He Should have Complete Knowledge of the Quran

Now, this is the most important quality of every good Quran online teacher. He must be well-equipped with basic and advanced concepts of the Quran and Islam. 

Knowledge is something that makes a teacher superior to others. If he is not knowledgeable, then definitely he is not a good teacher. He must have a deep and well-rounded knowledge that is rooted in the teachings of the Messenger of Allah (‎ﷺ).

Prophet Muhammad (‎‎ﷺ) said: “The knowledge of hadith (in the same manner all other religious subjects) are included in the Deen. Therefore, before acquiring knowledge, be aware from whom knowledge is acquired”. (Shama’il Muhammadiyah)

Many people claim that they have a proficient understanding of the Quran. But the fact is, they know a few surahs of the Quran and Hadiths. And this certainly, doesn’t make them good teachers.

So, it’s better to find someone who has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Quran so you can be guided to the right path in a righteous manner.


He Should be an Expert in Teaching the Quran

A teacher with proficient experience is a blessing. You may find a lot of Quran tutors around you, but there is one thing most of them would be definitely missing and that is – experience!

If your Quran teacher is new in the field, then I guess he won’t be able to communicate everything so efficiently. He might possess good knowledge about Islam, but he would feel a bit difficult to convey that knowledge. Why? Because he lacks expertise. 

Whenever you choose a Quran teacher, make sure he has great expertise in the specific area. If he is not experienced, then he won’t be able to teach everything according to your expectation.


He Should be Motivational and Inspirational

“Truly, the worst of all creatures in the sight of Allah are the deaf, the dumb, those who do not use their reason/think.” Quran 8:22

There are a lot of Quranic verses where Allah SWT instructs everybody to reflect and think. Every Muslim should learn to think about himself and everything that exists in the universe. He should explore the creatures and all the wonders so that he can have a better understanding of everything.

This is something very important for every student and teacher. But if your Quran teacher doesn’t motivate you to think and explore, then he is definitely not the one you need. A good Quran teacher should be your motivator and he should be inspirational enough. He should inspire all of his students to do good and leave the bad. His ideas, concepts, knowledge, and everything should inspire students so they can also adopt the same things in their real lives.


He Must have a Good Temperament

Good temperament is not only essential for teachers, but also every common person. But if you are a Quran teacher, then you must know how to be patient with students and how to behave well. 

A good Quran teacher always talks politely can calmly with students and avoid aggression and anger. He must stay calm and relaxed even when the students are not picking their point. In fact, he should know what to do and which method to apply if students are not getting him. I know online Quran teaching is a very tough job, but every good teacher must know how to do it successfully without causing any harm to students. 

Every kid is on a different level, so it’s better to treat them accordingly. This is probably the biggest quality of every good Quran teacher.


He Should be Multilingual

Though this is a very advanced level quality that every good Quran teacher should possess. He shouldn’t know English, Urdu, or Arabic, but he must be well-versed in other languages as well. 

For example, if students belong to Japan and recently converted to Islam, how a good teacher can communicate and convey Allah’s messages in their local language? 

That’s why they must learn different languages in order to provide a better understanding of Allah’s book.


His Lifestyle Should be Islamic

Another important quality of a good Quran teacher is, he should have an Islamic lifestyle and manners. If he is not spending life according to Islamic guidelines, then how can he instill Islamic teachings in his students?

So, every Islamic teacher should follow Islamic rules and laws and must spend their life according to Allah’s instructions.



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