Mecca Importance For Muslims

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What Is Mecca and Why Important For Muslims

I saw at Yahoo Answers, in comments or other social networks that many people want to know what is Mecca and it’s importance in Islam and for Muslims. If you are from any Muslim country then this looks like a very simple question but for those who want to know about Islam or they are planning to convert or those who just dig into Islam. They want to know more, so I decided to tell them briefly.

What is Mecca?

Actually Mecca also written as Makkah situated in Saudi Arabia and one of the holiest city in religion Islam. Name Kabah comes from the Arabic word meaning ‘cube’, it refers to the cube-shaped stone inside the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca. The word “Mecca” is so popular that it is also added in English dictionary meaning something that is most important. Holy city laid near the coast of the Red Sea. and it has total population of 1,290,000.

Mecca History


According to Islamic tradition, Mecca history was goes back to Prophet Abraham who built the Kaaba with His son, Prophet Ishmael in around 2000 BCE. Mecca is the place that links to many of the Prophets that Almighty Allah sent to us. So it is in news and history books from long time.

At first Masjid al-Haram constructed by Prophet Abrahim which stands upright bearing evidence of various events which took place. The Holy Quran says that Mecca was attacked by the Ethiopians in the year when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) born.

Mecca in the ancient era was a major trade hub. There were Idols everywhere before Islam arrived. If we say that Prophet Muhammad open His eyes in Idol world, then it is not wrong. before emergence of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the city was under the rule of Banu-Quraish.

Why Mecca Important For Muslims

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As we talked earlier that it is a busy place and having a history from thousands of years. But why Mecca is important for Muslims. Actually the Islam starts it’s ground level there. Mecca was the birthplace of Muslim’s last messenger Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He spent his earlier 40 years there. Then He went to Madina and after building authority, He came back as a victories and live rest of His life in Mecca as well.

Secondly, Holy Kaaba also present in Masjid al-Haram which present in Mecca. Millions of Muslim visited Masjid al-Haram to perform Hajj. It is also the world largest unity place for people, where millions of people gather from all races, community, countries without any difference and pray to their God. Every Muslim must need to perform Hajj at least once in life. So Mecca is every important.

There are many other things that are also remember-able for Muslims such as many Prophet Muhammad’s companions also buried in Mecca. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) built many Mosques with his hands. The Zamzam Well, the holy well which sprung into existence with Prophet Ishmael heels when He was rubbing them with thrust. It was also in Mecca, just next to Kaaba in Masjid al-Haram. There are also many other things that is why Mecca is important and so holiest for Muslims.

As mentioned earlier, kaaba built by Prophet Abrahim. There is a large black stone inside it. It has been confirmed both Muslims and Christian historian that Angel Gabriel gave this to Prophet Abrahim at Allah’s will. It is the focal point for worship during daily prayers, it unifies all Muslims, and direction of every Muslims during prayers towards Kaaba known as Qibla. Hopefully you understand what is Mecca and its importance for Muslims. Visit our Page Qulquran to know more about Islamic Rituals.

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