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Online Quran classes have become a popular mode of learning. Whether you want to improve your recitation, study Islamic studies, or memorize Quran at home, you can easily do it online with the help of professional tutors.

Especially when you have the availability of software like Zoom and Skype, things become easier and more interesting. These software types are trending right now, after the Covid19 pandemic when students, teachers, employees, and everyone around the world have to work from home using online software.

Similarly, Quran learning becomes easy and effective when you choose Zoom which has allowed people from all over the world to make their learning convenient from the comfort of their homes. you can attend classes from any part of the world when you have Zoom on your computer or mobile. 

So, let’s find out how and why should you and your children can utilize this latest software for Quran learning.


What are Zoom Quran Classes?

Zoom is an innovative and advanced video communication application that is mainly useful for telecommuting, teleconferencing, distance learning, and social relations. The application is especially beneficial for students who want to learn online. Unlike Skype, you have to invite another person at the meeting so you can communicate well. The platform is easy and reliable and best for content sharing and chats across devices, desktops, and telephones.

This application is not as old as Skype. But now it has been growing rapidly, especially after the spread of Coronavirus. Since then, Zoom has become a top app for online learning and education.

The software comes with excellent clarity and advanced quality which is best for virtual hybrid classes that allow every Quran tutor and student to communicate effectively without any hassle. Therefore, you can join Zoom Quran classes to attend your lessons regularly from the comfort and privacy of your home.

The best feature about studying Quran via Zoom is its ability to record your entire Quran lesson so you can revise and learn later.

So, whether you belong to the US, UK, or Pakistan, if you have Zoom on your device, you can easily learn Quran from any part of the world.

You can launch the app either on your mobile device, laptop, PC, or tablet and create your virtual classroom where your tutor can effectively communicate and help you learn Quran easily and conveniently anytime and anywhere. You can record the lesson during the class, which makes Zoom online Quran classes the best option to consider.


Quran Courses You can Learn Via Zoom Madrasah

If you have decided to learn Quran via Zoom, then you must be wondering what type of courses you can do. Well, if you join Qul Quran tutors, you don’t have to worry anymore. We have professional tutors who provide detailed training and guidance about every aspect of the Quran.

Some of the courses you can do via Zoom Madrasah are:

  • Quran reading
  • Quran translation 
  • Quran memorization 
  • Tajwid 
  • Hadith and Tafsir 
  • Islamic studies courses
  • Noorani Qaida for beginners
  • Islamic activities course

Whatever course you choose for yourself or your children, the Qul Quran platform offers the assistance of both male and female tutors so you don’t have to worry about anything and enroll yourself confidently for any Quranic course.


How Can You Learn Quran with Zoom Islamic Classes?

How Can You Learn Quran with Zoom Islamic Classes

Learning Quran via Zoom is not at all a difficult choice. Accessing Zoom is easy for all regardless of age or qualification. All you need is a reliable internet connection, a smart device like a computer or mobile, and Zoom software installed.

Let me walk you through the steps through which you can learn Quran on Zoom easily and effectively.

  • Book Your 3-Day Trial Period:

First, you need to contact our experts and discuss your needs and course requirements. You can sign up for the 3-day trial period and learn things online via Zoom.

  • Confirm Your Appointment:

Once you confirm your Zoom trial request, our tutors will further guide you about the process and contact you at your scheduled time.

  • Download and Install Zoom App:

After that, you need to download the Zoom app on your device. And then your assigned tutor will send you the meeting link. You need to click and join the link to attend one-on-one interactive Zoom sessions.

Benefits of Zoom Quran Lessons:

There are plenty of amazing benefits of Zoom Quran lessons. Here I have enlisted a few of them:

  • Best for Kids and Females:

We all know that it’s very difficult for kids and females to drive to the mosque every day and attend 2-3 hours of class. Plus, there are travel expenses and security issues that create hurdles in learning Quran. However, when you have Zoom in your device, you don’t have to leave your house. You can simply log in and attend lessons from anywhere you want. 

  • Flexible Time:

The best advantage of Zoom Quran class is, you are not restricted to a proper schedule. You can have flexible timing and routine. You can take sessions at your desired time when you are busy with other household chores.

  • Male and Female Tutors:

Another major benefit of Zoom Quran class is, you have an option to choose your desired tutor. You can even choose female tutors for kids and females if you are not comfortable with male staff. 

  • Saves Money:

Believe it or not, but Zoom class saves you a lot of money. You don’t have to manage travel expenses, don’t need to pay hidden fees, and neither have to pay hefty monthly fees. The charges are affordable based on a person’s budget.



Zoom online Quran classes are probably the best choice for everyone who wants to learn the Quran from the privacy of their place. that’s the reason, a trusted Quran academy can play a vital role in your everyday learning. So, make sure you choose QulQuran tutors who can help you learn via Zoom and motivate you to explore Quran lessons every day. If you feel any difficulty during learning, you can contact the team and clear all the confusion and queries.

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