Set Yourself Up for Success with These Tips for Online Quran Classes

Set Yourself Up for Success with These Tips for Online Quran Classes

Deciding to enroll yourself in online Quran classes is such a huge step. You have to think, plan, and analyze is it’s the right choice or not, and how you will manage things with your everyday hectic routine.

But the fact is, online learning isn’t difficult. In fact, it has become more and more popular after the Covid19 pandemic when people were restricted to work from home for preventing the spread of the disease. That’s why I think online learning is extremely beneficial in several regards. You don’t online prevent yourself from several issues, but also learn things comfortably in your own secure environment.

Plus, you don’t have to travel anywhere. However, some people think that online Quran learning involves different challenges. Some people can’t learn online while some people believe that it’s very tricky and they need interactive training to learn. 

If you are one of those who can’t study the online Quran, then this is the right article to read. Let’s have a detailed look here and learn how should you set yourself up for success in your online Arabic classes.


Establish Your Designated Place to Study

First, you need to set up your own comfortable place for Quran classes online. You need to study with dedication and motivation, so a little distraction can spoil your temperament. Keep pens, highlighters, workbooks, and other related things nearby so you can note anything during the class and don’t have to look anywhere while you are studying. 

Sit comfortably in a place that is free from noise and distraction. If required, it’s also best to put your phone away or maybe put it on airplane mode to avoid more interruptions. Make sure you buy good headphones with a microphone so you can only focus during class and communicate with your teacher easily.


Your Technology Should be Updated

Every online communication requires steady access to a working computer and a fast internet connection. Therefore, it’s important to fully charge your laptop or tablet so that works without any issue during class. Turn on the device before a few minutes because it’s quite frustrating when you have a 10-minute system update when your class is just about to start! 

Connect the webcam and microphone, and don’t forget to test them during the class to ensure they work properly. Your webcam should also be clean and must show you in good lighting with a neutral kind of background.


Make Sure You are Ready Before Taking Online Quran Classes for Kids

We know that online classes are much easier to consider because you don’t have to travel or prepare anything special. But it also requires that you fulfill your basic needs first so you don’t have to do anything during the class.

Especially kids, sometimes they want to use the bathroom, while sometimes they want to eat something.  You need to be ready before attending online Quran classes for kids so you don’t have to take any bathroom or snack breaks during your Quran class. Nevertheless, if you are taking an online class for 2-3 hours long, then manage everything beforehand and keep your water bottle beside you on the table. 

So, give yourself enough time before you take Quran classes as middle breaks can spoil your mood and concentration and you may not want to study anymore.


Do Not Forget to Communication with Tutors

Another important thing is, you need to check in with the tutor regularly on your class progress. Ask them what changes they expect and how can you learn Quran better than anyone. Do not be afraid to share what problems and challenges you are facing because it can affect your overall learning process. Your Quran tutors will appreciate the feedback as it will also help them better tailor the strategy for your improved learning.


Establish a Proper Routine

As compared to the in-person class that usually takes you away from your home and other things that might disturb your focus, you won’t face any physical transition during online Quran class apart from turning on your laptop or putting on headphones.

Due to this, it might be very difficult to dive right into your class as your brain might not be adjusted to the online setup. Therefore, to make sure that your mind and body are comfortable with online learning, it’s important to make your proper routine. It will help you build mental associations that could signal to your brain that your online class is about to start and it’s time to get ready both mentally and physically. Similar to what you normally do before your bedtime or dinner time.

For example, you need to dedicate some time before your class and review all your previous lessons. Get your bathroom break, eat some snacks to fill your tummy, and work out for half an hour for physical and mental relief because you have to sit for hours so your neck, back, and legs might hurt during the class.


Develop Motivation and Consistency

The most important things you need during your online Islamic classes for kids are motivation and consistency. These are the keys to your success. You need to be disciplined and motivated so you don’t feel like giving up and losing strength. 

Create new challenges every day as it will motivate you to do better and faster.

Before you enroll yourself in Quran class, you should be clear on your goals and make proper plans about how you will achieve success and what factors are involved in your goal completion.


Enroll Yourself for Best Online Quran Classes

The least is, you need to enrol yourself in the best online Quran classes where your tutors are professional and skilled and have prepared good course material for your effective learning. If your online platform is not reliable or qualified, you may not be able to achieve your goals.

Therefore, I recommend you enrol yourself in online Quran classes at Qulquran which allows you to learn, read, and memorize the Quran from the comfort of your home without having to pay tons of money. Visit the official website, sign up for a 3-day trial and learn how our tutors help you learn Quran effectively and quickly.

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