7 Reasons to Choose Online Quran Classes Over Offline

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Online Quran classes are currently advancing more than offline or physical classes you usually attend with tutors at home. Especially after the coronavirus, students and parents prefer online classes to prevent the deadly disease. 

Other than that, there are plenty of reasons to choose online Quran classes that it’s too hard to cover in one post. But I have compiled them in today’s detailed guide so you don’t have to think again before registering yourself for an online Quran class. 

Quran is a very deep book. It contains a lot of lessons that are not easy to understand for a common person. Though some guidelines and instructions must follow for everyone in accordance with Islam.

So, if you want to gain knowledge about all those lessons but couldn’t understand whether online is a better choice or not, this article might help you decide everything wisely and quickly.


Learning from Qualified Group of Teachers

Quran is written in a classical Arabic language. And we all know that this language is too hard to understand for everyone unless they are highly skilled and qualified. A person with inefficient knowledge couldn’t be a great source of help and learning. That’s why a good and qualified teacher is the one who helps understand everything deeply and has perfect knowledge of every Arabic word.

Online platforms like Qul Quran make this thing easy for you. now you can gain access to a highly qualified group of teachers who are skilled and well-versed in every word and meaning.

Sometimes people belong to areas where it is hard to get access to a good teacher for Quran learning. When you register yourself at the reliable platform, you can simply get access to well-versed teachers who teach you the Quran from the comfort of your home.


Flexible Schedule and Timings

Let’s admit it, we all love online classes because they offer flexible timings. The same is the case with your Quran classes. Timing flexibility is the most considerable advantage when you enroll yourself for Quran learning. 

Especially if you are working anywhere, doing a course, or just busy with household chores, then you can easily set up a schedule and manage some time for your Quran class. You don’t need to leave your home or do other everyday tasks and go to the class for learning Quran.

Online tutors at Qul Quran ensure that your everyday routine is not disturbed and you don’t have to leave home or do other tasks. The qualified teachers are always accessible round the clock and you can learn Quran based on your schedule, comfort, and timings.


Affordable Choice

Do you know how much money you can save when you enroll yourself in an online Quran class?

You don’t have to pay fuel charges and are neither required to pay heavy tuition fees nor hidden charges.

Tuition fees and other charges have been on the rise for the last few years. But with online Quran class, you don’t have to worry about these payment issues as you are only required to pay one time which is the amount your platform schedules. Not only that but there are also no travel costs. All you need is a reliable internet connection and phone/laptop. This makes online Quran teaching and learning an easy and affordable option for all.


Best Option for Ladies and Kids

Nobody can deny the fact that online Quran learning is best for both ladies and kids who can’t go alone to the tuition center and have to give up on Islamic studies due to safety and security reasons.

However, online Quran classes eliminate that issue as well. There are Quran classes for ladies and kids that help them learn the Quran from the comfort of their homes. Not only that but there are also lady teachers available for females who are not comfortable with male teachers.


One-on-One Lessons

Many students prefer to choose one-on-one classes because it helps improve communication with teachers and they get a better understanding of every lesson. 

With online Quran classes, they can learn the Quran one-on-one which means they can concentrate better and get deep knowledge and understanding of Allah’s book. Students can easily clear doubts and confusion and learn everything at their own pace. Online Quran teachers are fully focused on every individual and assist them in perfecting Tajweed and recitation.


Convenient Learning Environment

Studying in your own comfort zone is very convenient and comfortable for everyone. With online Quran classes, you can study easily and comfortably from your couch or even at the local coffee shop. As compared to traditional Quran learning, online learning is very much simple, comfortable, and convenient. 

You don’t have to drive to a place, which saves your time and money automatically. Online Quran learning offers a variety of options through which you can choose the time and environment for your easy learning. This is a great motivating factor for all who want to learn Quran.


Consistency and Motivation

When you learn Quran at your own pace, you stay motivated and consistent. Because you are learning without any hassle and just from the comfort of your bed. This online method offers a lot of consistency. You can even select teachers of your choice. Once you choose the teacher, he will create online lessons for you based on your preference so you can learn quickly and efficiently.

This means if you are looking for a dependable method to learn the holy Quran, then you can always go online and learn things without any hassle.  


What’s the Best Place to Learn Quran Online?

Many people feel confused when it comes to choosing the best place to learn Quran online. Well, I think the best place is the one that offers you comfortable learning, flexible pricing, your choice of female tutors, and flexible timings. And that’s everything you can get at Qul Quran. It’s an online platform that works with highly qualified Quran teachers who help you in every step so you can learn the Quran from the comfort of your home without paying tons of money to the tuition centers.

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