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Why Progress Discuss is Important with Parents?

Learning and understanding the Quran is challenging for most students. Learning Quran is different than your regular course books. You need more concentration, dedication, and involvement to achieve your Qur’an learning goals.

Things are a bit easier with Qul-Quran. We implement easy tactics and solutions to ensure that your needs are addressed and students of quran are performing well.

Therefore, we launch a proper students monthly progress report discussion session in which we discuss students’ weaknesses, strengths, behaviors, learning styles, and other things with parents. We should involve every parent or guardian in this discussion so they can help try to improve their children’s weaknesses.

Some Pain points We Discuss with Parents

Slow progress

Lack of fun and interest in learning

Fear of inaccurate learning/pronunciation

Lack of understanding

How to improve the speed

Develop confidence

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How Can We Ensure Successful Implementation?

Regularly share students’ progress

Discuss student’s attitude

Discuss issues regarding learning

monthly meetings

Keep parents in the
loop regularly

Launch interaction sessions
via call/emails

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