Why Females Should Join Madrasah Online for Quran Learning?

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Madrasah online has become a new way for everyone to learn the Quran online from the privacy of their home. Especially for ladies who have to handle household chores and other related tasks, is quite difficult to make some time to go to the mosque every day and take Quran classes.

But with online learning, they can easily handle things without any hassle. However, many females believe that online learning might not be so effective because Quran learning is totally a different thing that needs more concentration and focus. People with zero knowledge of the Arabic language prefer to join madrasahs nearby so that they can easily learn Quran from professional tutors.

But the thing is, when you join your local madrasah, the expenses and duties will be unreasonably high even for a normal person. However, an online madrasah can remove those expenses and allow you to learn Quran easily and comfortably according to your comfort level. 

They prepare course materials and proper guidelines based on the student’s ability to learn things. So, if you are a female and want to learn Quran online, then it’s better to join an online madrasah and avoid different everyday issues.

Here are a few more reasons to choose an online madrasah for Quran learning.


Lower the Expenses of Home Tuition

Today, most parents prefer home tuition for their female kids so they don’t have to leave home as there are a lot of security issues that create fear. But this option is also not much suitable, especially for parents who can’t afford to pay high costs. Obviously, the tutor coming to your home charges double for teaching Quran and Islamic studies as compared to online Quran tutor.

Not only that, but a tutor coming to your home might not be able to present every day due to traffic or health issue. In the case of madrasah online classes, you and your kids don’t have to face these issues. Your online tutor will be available at the scheduled time and help you learn things quickly without wasting your time.



Availability of Different Online Courses

You can enroll your female kids in a reputable online madrasah that offers your desired Islamic courses including Quran memorization, Quran translation, Tajweed, Hadith and Tafsir, and many more.

However, your local madrasah might not allow you to do these courses due to the limited availability of staff or course material. That’s why the online madrasah system is best today as they are equipped with everything that can help female students learn Quran.

Also, they work with female professional tutors, because most females are not comfortable with male staff. This means they can easily learn Quran at home with their desired female tutor by paying an affordable fee. This makes an online madrassah an ideal choice for female students.


Traveling Issues are Resolved

Though we are living in a modern century, but still there are some cities and areas that don’t have madrassah or Islamic academies where females can learn Quran.

So, as a result, female students have to travel to a different city or location so they can learn Quran. But this process of shifting and moving to an entirely new location is very difficult. Plus, it takes a great toll on the pockets. However, traveling issues can be resolved when females take these courses at home. they can sit back comfortably at their home and learn Quran online in their own comfort and privacy.


More Interactive and Engaging Sessions

Online studying has become very interesting and engaging because teachers can include a lot of interactive items in their courses that make things more fun and easier to learn.

Many people believe that online Quran learning is not possible because you cannot learn Arabic without interactive sessions. Well, the internet has made it possible too with the advent of different technologies that remove the gap and offer a lot of ease to students who learn the Quran online. The Internet can never take away the essence of Islam.  Contrary, online classes make your learning more effective, engaging, and interesting. 

Your students can stick to their syllabus and add different things every day during the interactive education sessions. It also saves money because they don’t have to buy books or notes. 


Saves a Lot of Time

Females are more involved in household chores than males. This means it’s quite difficult for them to travel every day and learn Quran at their nearby mosque. So, time-saving is a priority for all females because they have to manage other things as well.

To save more time and manage different things at home, many females choose to enroll themselves in weekend classes and find “weekend madrasah near me” on Google, so they can only take classes for two days and save time for the rest of the week.

But with online Quran classes, you don’t even have to do this. You can take 2-3 hours for your class every day based on your schedule.

This means you don’t have to travel long distances or even leave your home for Quran learning. You can easily do it at home with the help of professional female tutors.

Just tell your tutor what course you want to choose and they will prepare the study material and entire course outline so you can learn things quickly without wasting any time. 


Reduces Security Concerns

As I mentioned above, most female students do not go to the mosque or Quran academy because of security concerns. A female adult who lives in an area where traveling is not safe can never learn Quran.

Therefore, parents do not allow them to attend offline classes and go to the mosque. However, online classes are entirely different. They will enable females to learn Quran anywhere, anytime. This means the whole learning environment will be secured and safe.



I won’t conclude with the fact that Quran learning is easy. It is challenging and might be difficult for someone who is not familiar with Arabic. However, Quran learning has become hassle-free due to the availability of the internet and different online courses which are available on QulQuran.

If you are keen to learn and memorize Quran, then it’s best to choose an online madrasah class at a reliable platform that helps make things easy and you can learn Quran without experiencing any difficulties.

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